28 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Precision Set Power Tool Kit Rechargeable Wireless Cordless Bit for Xiaomi Mobile Cell Phone Repair


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• 28 in 1 Electric Screwdriver :This product comes with 28 different screwdrivers, making it a versatile toolkit for various tasks.

• Rechargeable Wireless Cordless Bit :The screwdriver is rechargeable and wireless, eliminating the need for cords and reducing clutter.

• Precision Set :The screwdriver set is designed for precision work, ensuring that screws are tightened evenly and accurately.

• RoHS Certified :This product is RoHS certified, indicating that it meets safety and environmental standards.

New Upgraded Electrical Screwdriver Type-C Rechargeable 0.5N.M Torque S2 Steel Bit for Repair Xiaomi Phone Screwdriver Set

1. 3 times the torque (manual torque: 3N.m electric torque: 0.45-0.5Nm)

2. Increase the speed (idling speed: 300 r/min)

3. Locked-rotor protection (0.2S of locked-rotor will stop the power supply to the motor, mainly to protect the motor. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn out the motor and circuit board)

4. Charging prompt (the charging light changes from white to red when charging, and green when fully charged)5. Low battery reminder (when there is no power, press forward, reverse, the electric screwdriver does not work, the light flashes 5 times)

6. Motor protection (the motor changes from forward to reverse, or from reverse to forward, and the electric screwdriver starts with a delay of 0.1 S, mainly to protect the motor and prolong its service life)

7. Lifespan is improved (the motor will automatically stop after two minutes of rotation, and it will start when pressed again to prolong the life of the motor and battery)

8. Power saving mode (the light will automatically turn off after pressing once for 3 minutes)

Product Specification

Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Charging Time: <50mins

Battery Type: Li Battery

Form Factor: 213*64*33mm

Electric Torque: 0.45-0.5N.m

Net Weight of the Screwdriver: 54g

Voltage: 3.7V-DC

Free Speed: 300r/min

Manual Torqye: 3N.m

Net Weight: 256g

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