laboratory dc power supply adjustable voltage regulator stabilizer switching variable bench source 30v 10a ac 110v 220v wanptek


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Brand Name: wanptek

Origin: Mainland China

Output Frequency: 50HZ 60HZ

Output Type: single

Output Current: 0-10A

Model Number: kps3010D 605D 1203D

Output Power: 201 – 300W

is_customized: no

Certification: CE

Features1: home automation or Arduino projects using low voltage

Features2: DIY workshop power source

Features3: repair electronic DIY menus

Features4: Stabilized power supply

Features5: voltage regulator dc

Features6: transformator

Features7: voltage converter

Features8: switching power supply

Features9: audio power supply

Features10: Voltage regulator

Features11: adjustable dc regulated power supply

Features12: variable dc power supply

Features13: variable source

Features14: digital power supply

Features15: bench source 30v 10a

Features16: bench power 30v 10a

Features17: Power supply for pc

Features18: 24 volt dc power supply

Features19: laboratory power supply

Features20: power supply adjustable

Features21: Power adapter

Features22: for portable 15.6 inch gaming monitor

Features23: voltage regulator dc power supply

Features24: Desk power supply

Features25: Desktop power supply

There are included 5 packages:

1.KPS3010D DC power supply with power display 30V 10A(Three-digit display 0.1 V/0.01 A)

2.KPS3010DF DC power supply with power display 30V10A(Four-digit display 0.01 V/0.001 A)

3.KPS605D DC power supply with power display 60V 5A(Three-digit display 0.1 V/0.01 A)

4.KPS605DF DC power supply with power display 60V 5A(Four-digit display 0.01 V/0.001 A)

5.KPS1203D DC power supply with power display 120V 3A(Three-digit display 0.1 V/0.01 A)

KPS series DC power supply is a single output, high-precision dual display switching DC power supply. The machine has complete operation protection function, high efficiency, low ripple, high stability and small volume. Current limiting protection protects the KPS power supply and load from accidental damage. KPS series power supply has temperature control circuit and low intelligent heat dissipation noise


The series of switching power supplies for measuring instrument have ruled out the inconvenience of bigvolume and heavyweight of a traditional power supply possess.Four adjustment buttons,The output voltage and current respectively is controlled by two variable resistors with coarse and fine regulation for morehandy and precise adjustment.

1.High efficiency and sufficient power
2.Low ripple, small size and light weight
3.Double LED display of voltage and current, high precision
4.Stable voltage, limited current and simple operation
5.Double voltage input, convenient selection
6.Temperature controlled fan for heat dissipation, low noise and long service life
7.Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment .
8.Output current ranges from 0 to rating current with continuous adjustment
9.Short circuit protection function, short circuit stop output,overload protection,over temperature protection.
10.AC 110v and 220vcan work, rest assured to choose.

Input voltage: AC 230V / 115V± 10%; 50Hz / 60Hz.

Output voltage stabilizing value:0-30/0-60V/0-120 continuously adjustable.(Optional)

Output constant current value: 0-10A/0-5A/0-3A continuously adjustable.(Optional)

Ripple voltage: VPP ≤ 1%

Overall efficiency: ≥ 89%.

Digital display: three LED digital tube double display.

Display resolution:0.1V/0.01A/0.01V/0.001A.(Optional)

Display accuracy: ± 1% + 2digits.

Working temperature: (- 10 ~ 45) ℃.

Storage temperature: (- 20 ~ 60) ℃.

Relative humidity: 90% (40 ± 5 ℃).

1. Production line test.

2. Mobile phonemaintenance, computer maintenance, electrical appliance maintenance,Car DVD, car audio.

3. Product aging, electroplating,such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LEDs,iron etc.

4. Charge the battery for car.

5. Laboratory, scientific research teaching,factory, maintenance power laboratories scientific research and production line use

6.Home automation or Arduino projects using low voltage

7. All other occasions requiring DC power supply.

1x DC power supply

1x power cord (EU,US,UK,AU)

1x Test line (Gift)

1x Instructions

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3 Digits 30V 10A, 4 Digits 30V 10A, 3 Digits 60V 5A, 4 Digits 60V 5A, 3 Digits 120V 3A

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Poland, China, United States, SPAIN, Russian Federation


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