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Data Science: An exciting career option

Data Science: An exciting career option

Data science is an interdisciplinary approach towards gaining valuable insights from big data. These insights help the organization to improve its operations and make efficient and smart decisions. It uses techniques such as machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining, and visualization, and uses the field of mathematics and statistics.

Why data science?

With each passing day, the amount of big data is increasing which leads to the requirements of managing and processing this big data, and data science gains its importance from this requirement. With 2.5 quintillion bytes produced each day, this group’s organizing skill gives you an added advantage. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are looking for experts, which increases vacancies in this field. The impact of data science is spreading across all major industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, chemicals, agriculture, media, etc.

required skills

A data scientist requires mastery of certain skills to excel in this field. These include R Programming, Python Coding, Hadoop Platform, SQL Database/Coding, and Machine Learning. Besides these technical skills, a data scientist needs some soft skills: analytical ability, exceptional communication skills, visualization and presentation skills, ability to work in a team, strategic acumen, and problem-solving skills.

Job titles provided by Data Science

Some of the distinguished job titles that data science offers are:

Data scientist

The role of a data scientist is to handle raw data using appropriate techniques. They should be well versed in the R programming language, SAS, Python, SQL, MATLAB, Hive, Pig and Spark. Data scientists are skilled in distributed computing, predictive modeling, mathematics, and machine learning. Data scientists are employed at Adobe, Google, and Microsoft.


Their role is to develop, build, test, and maintain the architecture (such as databases and large-scale processing systems). Data Engineers are skilled in database systems (SQL and NoSQL based), modeling and warehousing solutions. They are employed by Facebook, Amazon, and Spotify.

-structural engineer

They create data management system diagrams to consolidate, centralize, protect and maintain data sources. They are skilled in data warehousing solutions, in-depth knowledge of database architecture, data modeling, system development, and extraction transformation. They are appointed by Visa, Logitech.


They ensure that the database is available to all relevant users, functions properly and is maintained securely. They are skilled in data modeling and design, distributed computing, database systems (SQL and NoSQL based), security, and business knowledge. They are hired by Twitter, Reddit.

What does data science have to offer as a career?

Being the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” data science promises a bright career for its professionals. A report by Glassdoor says that data scientist leads the best job in America with a median salary of $116,000 and 1,736 job openings for data scientists. She presents a career full of accomplishments and admiration.

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