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Lynn MacTaggart book review: “The Field”

Lynn MacTaggart book review: "The Field"

As an investigative reporter and admittedly lacking in scientific experience, the author rarely explores the areas that make up the field. Preferring to study it as a ground zero field, Lane explores advanced communication theory, confirmed in part in private interviews, papers, journals, and spin-off books by philosophers, psychologists, inventors, and physicists studying atomism, wave mechanics, the privacy of light, paranormal communication, and parapsychology as it relates to telepathy and mechanics.

To provide the background for this 250-page investigative adventure, McTaggart brings the theory up to date with more than 350 bibliographic references. In the introduction, she suggests: The basis of quantum physics “must originate in the zero-point field — posited as the fundamental nature of matter — as the mainstay of our universe, where packets of quantum energy constantly exchange information in an inexhaustible sea of ​​energy.”

Central to the author’s narrative, this ‘information exchange’ powers the universal connectivity of particle-wave intelligence, residing with everything in a cavernous zero-point field, not easy to locate but ubiquitous. Matter is attributed to its most fundamental level, as an indistinct, indescribable, indivisible, and indestructible particle of energy, describing a single electron that has the ability to influence another quantum particle, at any distance, without any manifestation of energy or force, and fits into a complex and independent network of relationships, forever indivisible. In other words, it recognizes the existence of life in the underlying infrastructure of a universal quantum field, with intelligent design, indestructibility bequeathed according to the law of physics – subject to and contributing to the field of intelligence.

We might suggest: science deserves as much credit as the physics industry. Yet science experts and investigative reporters often wear mine-equipped bridles, as the point of view opens onto a narrow path, onto familiar and often-travelled territory, thrust safely into narrow abstractions, and sometimes oblivious to specific and more logical justifications. And so, immersed in excerpts from the speculative sea that floods scholarly journals, reports, and bibliographic resources that smack of half-truth, untruth, and a bit of relative truth, distinguished theorists and investigative reporters attempt to ground philosophy, the believability of science, and reality in degrees.

Much has been made of the zero point field (ZPF) effect toward energy generation and propagation, but by no means have physicists and related sciences ventured much beyond the frontiers of electrical energy. However, debate still rages about the qualities of photons, heat, dark energy, particles, waves, and light energy. Are they separate, or are they all the same? In the submicroscopic world, measured in nanometers and nanoseconds, some experiments cannot distinguish between a wave or a particle, depending on the approach. Add to this that an advanced intelligence theory of “field” and quantum science must somehow integrate wave connections into quantum mechanics and relativistic workability – and despite the forces of atomic orbital momentum and stability motivation remains as ambiguous as always.

Lynne goes to great lengths to cite various experimental sources working with the qualities of light, even in taking plant and animal light and its emissions to maintain homeostasis, even to restore body parts: “The carcinogenic compound must cause cancer because it permanently blocks and distorts that light, so it can’t fix the picture anymore.” She related how cell function as well as mental cognition occur on a more fundamental level than matter: “In the quantum particle netherworld, we do not see things in and of themselves, but only their quantum information and from that which has formed our picture of the world, it is a matter of tuning into a zero-point field. ”

The entire energy field curriculum shines under the author’s pen, from telepathy to teleology. We can sum up her effort as a visual theory of “the underlying infrastructure of the universe and essentially a means of recording for everything, providing the means for everything to communicate with everything else.”

Although grammatically lazy, the book will awaken minds to possibility, to investigate areas of action not ordinarily publicized, and to greatly expand awareness of the forces that shape human cognition. Indeed, we are an intelligence that lives in historical retrospect; Here, we can travel ahead of the curve and think of the impossible.

More works concerned with the path to advanced understanding, thinking about the unthinkable, in the field of metaphysics and grappling with supposedly unthinkable language in its secret mode, are available and promise to surprise at every turn. Our desire is to arouse curiosity, to present new ideas, and to challenge those ideas and situations that are inconsistent with logical reasoning. A wondrous world of knowledge awaits the curious.

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