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Space, time, physics and possibilities – book review

Space, time, physics and possibilities - book review

Understanding the physics of space-time isn’t easy, but understanding the underlying theories that scientists now believe paint the most realistic picture isn’t hard to understand. It just takes curiosity and patience to focus, open your mind and think. But first you will need a good book, a picture book. Also a physics reference book that can guide you through all of Einstein’s theories along with others that added new concepts to the science of space/time physics.

Fortunately, I own such a book, which was published in 1966. You might think that it is very old, and that we have learned a lot since then. And yes, yes we do, but the basics are relatively the same, especially when it comes to “relativity” or a theory. Now then, the book I would like to recommend to you is:

“Spacetime Physics” by Edwin F.

Both authors are/were physicists, one from MIT and the other from Princeton. The book begins with a discussion of the geometry of space-time, and all the theories, rules, principles, and unknowns that go along with that. Then it turns directly into momentum and energy; How they relate to mass and the expanding universe – and there is a rare find – an absolutely fascinating dialogue about the concept of mass and light and the arguments of space-time physics, at least for the time in 1966. Some are resolved but not all viewpoints are agreed upon – humans still have more to learn.

If you’re stuck on anything related to Einstein’s theories or stuck on curved space-time, gravitational warp, differences in force or mass or the principles of relativity – you’ll be more than happy to have most of your questions answered. Those that are unanswerable or at least unanswerable in 1966 do not exist, but you will have a great understanding up to that point, and will be able to ask the right questions to continue your personal research online.

My favorite points in the book were deducing the various paradoxes of time, space, energy, motion, light, etc. It’s a really fun place to think about, and this book will take your mind around the universe and back, as well as through time and back again, and so, I come to you with this excellent book recommendation. So, please consider all of this and think about it.

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