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The importance of agriculture

The importance of agriculture

Agriculture usually plays a vital role in the economy of every country in existence. Not only for the reason that it tends to feed the entire population of a country but also in connection with the fact that agriculture is associated with and interacts with all related industries in that country. A country is usually considered a social and politically stable nation if it has a very stable agricultural foundation.

A stable agricultural industry ensures the country’s food security. Food security is one of the basic requirements of any country. A nation cannot grow effectively with a stable agricultural base while sheltering a nation of “hungry”, because those hungry people can do absolutely nothing to help the development of their country. Food security prevents famine, which is traditionally considered one of the biggest problems plaguing small developing countries. Most countries depend on agricultural products and related industries as their main source of income. Even the new developing countries will find that they depend on their agricultural industry and can benefit greatly from it.

Apart from the crops and animals produced by the farmers who make up the agricultural sector of the country, the agricultural field is the major source of employment in most countries. Large farms usually find it necessary to hire extra hands to successfully cultivate the land and take care of the related farm animals. Most of these large farms have processing plants located in nearby facilities to finish their agricultural products and develop by-products. Needless to say, these subsidiary industries employ significant manpower in their operations. Most modern farms and agriculture-related industries make good use of today’s modern equipment as well as the principles of science and technology.

The use of technologies in agriculture is determined by the competence of different farmers towards handling these developments related to technologies. The farmers of the country who can make use of the modern technologies associated with agriculture can ensure good production of their produce which will benefit the country as a whole. Modern farming techniques will be useless if farmers are not qualified enough to use any of the technologies they have available.

Most of the old industrial cities started to grow mainly through the development of agriculture. These cities did well on the basis of agriculture before they began to fully embrace industrialization. Most of the principles currently used in our modern work have their roots in the principles of agriculture. Mass processing is one practice modeled on seasonal harvesting often found in the field of agricultural practices. This method saved many ancient cities from destruction in times of plague and drought. During ancient times, countries harvested crops that were not only used for immediate consumption but were often harvested and stored for future use. The same is practiced within the framework of modern work procedures to ensure their stability.

Farming is usually common in the rural areas which have the most arable land, but with modern technologies involved in farming farming activities is entirely possible even in urban areas. These activities can be accomplished to maintain personal or family needs or even for commercial purposes.

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