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The relationship of environmental sciences to business administration

The relationship of environmental sciences to business administration

To understand the importance and usefulness of an MBA in Environmental Management, there is a need to know what is Environmental Management first? It is a branch of science that deals with the various elements of the environment and the management of resources in order to maintain a balance between those elements. It is very important to protect our environment.

There are countless businesses in the world, which involve the production of almost every commodity used by man. Unfortunately, the production of these things causes damage to our natural environment, and is very dangerous for our survival. For example, factory smoke pollutes the entire surrounding environment and thus causes serious diseases. The timber trade causes irreversible damage to forests around the world. Besides these examples, almost every business contributes to environmental pollution, in one way or another.

It was felt that there was a need to develop an infrastructure that should analyze and devise ways and means to avoid harming the environment. Keeping this in mind, an exclusive study program known as MBA in Environmental Management has been developed.

Purpose and scope

MBAs in this field are designed to produce professionals who understand business, its impacts on the environment, and the management of it all. Anyone with a basic knowledge of environmental sciences can step into the business community by committing to this master’s degree programme.

Striped course

The following major topics are integrated into the Environmental Management MBA.

• Business Sciences
• accounting
• Audit
Waste management
• Environmental Chemistry
• Environmental assessment
• communication skills

Environmental Sciences with Business Administration is an excellent combination that provides a better understanding of the worst impacts of business on the environment. Professionals in this field can be very helpful in making the environment clean.

career prospect

An MBA holder can get any of the following jobs in the industry:

Waste management supervisor
Environmental technician
• Field waste characterization specialist
Wastewater treatment engineer
Solid waste manager

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