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Universal Laws of Attraction – and the Science of Fortune

Universal Laws of Attraction - and the Science of Fortune

The universal laws of attraction extend to the depths of the smallest subatomic particles, all the way to the farthest point in space. As science continues to grow and develop, its theories continue to reaffirm the same basic concept, which is that our thoughts have a more profound influence on our world than we realize. Quantum mechanics must now take into account the ideas of scientists observing experiments and entire fields of scientific study have sprung up in the name of this phenomenon. Noetic science explores the influence of human forms of thought and will, while observing the world through a purely scientific lens. Through verified experiments and extensive documentation, what we now know is both simple and mysterious.

What we think becomes reality. Beautiful in its power and availability, yet fragile enough to require a certain level of emotional maturity to harness it. However, we do not need science to reveal this ‘secret’ as it has been widely used, researched and taught throughout the pages of human history. Modern science has only “reassembled” the same concepts and revealed them in a new light. Once one has learned these “modern” secrets it is easy to see their ancient roots in earlier lessons often heard but seldom understood.

It’s an amazing time for our species. The information age now allows for the effortless flow of knowledge to everyone. Secrets are hard to keep and now the greatest secrets are out for all to use. The Universal Laws of Attraction are our laws to use. Learn them, study them, apply them, and let the sun shine on the exact future you desire.

The universal laws of attraction are all around us. The greater the mass, the stronger the gravitational field, the faster something moves the more it warps space-time, water joins water naturally, momentum continues in motion from applied forces, temperature regulates temperature in life and habitat, chain reactions endure exponential growth to catastrophe if necessary, electricity and other magnetism both produce in motion, all of these and more are examples of such energy attracting as energy.

The whole thing can be observed as an example of the universal laws of gravity at work if you look hard enough, or deep enough, or big enough. It’s the only constant that never changes. As long as your brain produces waves of energy from thoughts and images, so will the world be affected by them and conform to their design. From the subatomic level, the fundamental particles that make up the actual existence of all matter depend on your observation and belief. Not only that, but every possibility of reality at any point in space-time past or present exists.

Current scientific theories explain that there is a scientific “potential” that you open your front door tomorrow morning, and walk out on the moon! There is a possibility that anything could happen. Not only that but the multidimensional existence of particles and parallel universes is no longer considered science fiction. These and other theories are becoming increasingly hard facts, and this is also how the universe is explained on the subatomic level. In a world of infinite, simultaneous possibilities, how absurd would it be to think that you might be able to attract the outcome you desire?

When you learn the Universal Laws of Attraction, you take the keys to your destiny into your own hands. You gain the tools to enable you to succeed in whatever endeavor you choose, anywhere, anytime. You are unlocking the happiness and fulfillment you have always known the world had in abundance to offer you. You gain mental maturity and heartfelt gratitude to accept yourself and just see what wonders you might create, while enjoying every minute, and helping others along the way. You free yourself from all past burdens, doubts, fears, grudges, and limitations. You were truly born into a bright new world full of wonder, excitement and love.

There is nothing you can’t do, have, or conquer. The only limiting factor for you is the factor you apply to yourself. By learning the Universal Laws of Attraction and choosing to use them at your will, you consciously control your own destiny and circumstances. Stop fooling yourself into thinking you’re powerless! There is no situation where you cannot change the way you think and feel to start focusing on what you want! You simply have to let go of embracing familiar ignorance and be true to yourself. Decide what you want today. Decide what you love most in this world. And just think of them so you can feel good no matter where you are or what you do. Feel nothing but gratitude for what you love and what you currently have, and turn a blind eye to anything that “makes” you feel negative. This is how the magic of luck and good luck turned into the science of the law of attraction!

Just look at the differences between the way successful vs. unsuccessful people think. What separates the two is the presence of gratitude, or the lack thereof. The answers are all around you, but you must listen to hear them! What you focus on with feeling is the reality you seek. How do you feel most of the day on average? What are you attracted to in your life? Do these answers conflict with your wishes? You are sending the wrong signals! Focus on what you love and you will get more love. Focus on what you’re grateful for, and you’ll have more reasons to be grateful. If you want something like a new car, focus on the positive feelings you visualize like you actually have it. This is how you attract more of what you want. This is how you rule and direct your life. This is how the universal laws of attraction work. This is the secret that few people seem to master in their lifetime. Building the habit of always focusing on feelings of love and gratitude for what you have now, and will have tomorrow, is the master key to heaven.

“See how you hear, for he who has it will be given, and he who does not have what he seems to have will be taken away from him.” – Luke 8:18

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