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No matter if you’re a fan of UFOs, astrobiology, extraterrestrial life, ancient aliens, or space exploration in general, we’re all after the same outcome: first contact with aliens. First contact does not necessarily mean contact with intelligent life, but rather the discovery of any form of extraterrestrial life is considered first contact.

However, it is a big world, and exploring it with current means of payment would not be a viable solution. Putting a few humans in a small capsule on top of a firecracker won’t do the job. Distances in space are simply too fast for our current propulsion systems.

So, what are the other options? Well, there are currently a few different projects in development. Nuclear particles, based on ions, solar particles and some other concepts. However, none of these options will give us more than 90% of the speed of light, at best, and that’s still too slow for serious interstellar exploration. So what is left? Answer: Warp Drive or Stargate Technology. I can see some of you are rolling your eyes right now: “But this is science fiction.” Well, not so fast. Both options have a solid scientific basis. While we’re still some time away from building a fully functional warp drive or functioning stargate, the gap between science fiction and scientific fact is fast closing. Even before Albert Einstein formulated his theories about space and time decades ago, the idea of ​​some sort of “light-speed” vehicle was already around. However, it is only in the past few decades that science has begun to take a serious look at the feasibility of both concepts.

Of course we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of both concepts, delving deeper into the world of space and time travel. However, we obviously cannot do this in one article. Therefore, we will break it down into a short series so that we can look at it in depth. Together we will venture far to the fringes of science and technology to see where science is about to meet science fiction and become science reality. So please check back frequently, so as not to miss any future articles or news. Also, please take a look at my resources section in order to stay updated. Come join me for a look into the future.

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