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A universe that does not matter that we are a small part of it

A universe that does not matter that we are a small part of it

There are increasing and accumulating portions of claims that there is another, immaterial world, which, however, has remained scientifically unknown until now. There is also accumulating evidence that such a world definitely exists despite the fact that its true essence has yet to be discovered. For example, there is evidence of the existence of something called “dark energy” as well as “dark matter” with enormous forces affecting everything.

The contactless world is described as an environment in which there is neither time nor space. It is said that only material things take up space and are subject to time for their creation and development. The physical universe is cited as a prime example of matter which also applies to all of its components such as our planet and all matter and living creatures on it. Therefore, when the world is not subject to space, it extends to infinity with no boundaries and thus present everywhere including within physical things. When it is not subject to time, it will exist forever without beginning or end. Based on this description, the infinite world extends into infinity forming a universe in itself without any boundaries. Being so insignificant, he would outgrow it. Based on the confirmed existence of “dark energy”, it can be said that there is a matterless universe that includes everything that exists, material or otherwise, and it is also a source of incredible energy that affects everything material or other. I believe the infinite universe is composed of “pure energy”, which I have described as “superenergy”, with highly condensed mass and the source of life for whatever exists within the infinite space that constitutes its core. Thus, it can be correctly assumed that as the creator of life in its infinite scope, he must also have been highly creative and intelligent. Therefore, he may properly be called the Creator, a completely secular being unrelated to any religion, like the supernatural world.

The life of everything, especially human life, depends on the energy in the universe. Most of the energy on Earth comes from the sun. It is transmitted from the sun to the earth in the rays that the sun gives off. The absorption of energy causes plants to make food that all animals and humans depend on to generate energy for their survival. They use the energy in food to function. Humans use the sun’s energy stored in coal, wood, and oil for various purposes. Energy and matter are two fundamental ideas in physics that are not entirely separate. Many physicists claim that energy and matter are just two aspects of the same thing.

Electricity is closely related to energy and matter. It is in fact an essential feature of the matter that makes up everything in the universe (The World Book, 2001, Vol. E, p. 190) Electricity and magnetism together form a force called electromagnetism, one of the fundamental forces of the universe. The electric force is responsible for holding the atoms and molecules that make up matter together. It defines the structure of every object in existence (ibid.). On this basis, we might wonder where the enormous amount of electromagnetic force needed to hold solar systems, galaxies, and the entire universe together comes from. A universe without matter, made up of enormous energy, seems to be the only possibility.

With the progress of science, more and more evidence points to the existence of a universe that is not subject to time or space. It actually helps us achieve amazing functions without thinking about the cause. In terms of time, look at the postal system. If we write a letter to a friend and mail it through the post office, depending on the distance, our letter may reach its destination in a day or two to several weeks. This destination may be 50-100 or several thousand miles away. If we have to send the same message to many other individuals, let’s say a wedding invitation, we have to take the same action for each invitation card.

Parallel to this, today we have an email system through which we can send the same message at any time regardless of the distance. In fact, we can send the same message to a million people at the same moment with the click of a button. The letters will reach their destination the moment we hit the “send” button regardless of the distance. The same is true if the same e-mail is sent to a thousand addresses spread across the planet covering the surface of the Earth. Since distance and surface refer to space, letters will be received at all 1,000 addresses scattered around the world in the blink of an eye without regard to location or distance. Space becomes immaterial.

In terms of the time component, the fastest our brain can compute a function through instructions from our mind will take at least a few seconds. When computers were invented, a thousand calculations could be performed per second. Today, a computer can perform millions of calculations in order to make a decision in just one second. On an advanced computer, that number goes up to a billion per second. A billionth of a second does not equal any time. However, there are computers on the way called quantum computers capable of performing a trillion computational operations per second. Thus, we have been able to scientifically eliminate time and space from the communication system and enter the contactless universe without even knowing it.

We might also add the concept of “dark matter”. More than 90 percent of the visible universe is made up of the two lightest types of atoms, hydrogen and helium. However, most of the matter in the universe is said to appear to be invisible dark matter. It is matter that has most of the mass of the universe. There is no evidence that dark matter emits, reflects, or absorbs visible light, radio waves, x-rays, or any other type of electromagnetic energy. Observations indicate that dark matter has at least 10 times more mass than visible matter. (World Book. 2001, Vol. 5, p.37) Scientists have only detected dark matter through the effect of its gravitational force on the motions of visible matter. Many scientists believe that dark matter is made up of undiscovered particles. (Cosmopolitan Book, 2001, vol. 13, p. 312) This is in fact the “immaterial universe”, distinct from the material as well as the matterless universes. The intangible universe embodies the material universe and embodies everything without matter. In fact, then, there are three universes of which we know only one, but only some references from the other universes. As science progresses, other evidence will be discovered that will eventually force the scientific community to accept the existence of these three universes but without knowing the true essence of the other two. This will be a great moment for scientists and an exciting point to move forward into a boundless realm of unknown where an enormous world of knowledge has been waiting for billions of years to be discovered.

Dr.. Reza Rezazadeh

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